Leonard’s career began after graduating WAAPA (Perth)  in 2009. He played and recorded with many local acts, most notably Absent Hearts - August Earth before relocating to Melbourne in 2012 where he toured with folk outfit The Bon Scotts for their “Here Comes Summer” Tour. This threw him into the Melbourne music scene, where he again recorded and played with acts from all over Australia such as Meg Mac and Melody Pool.

He has worked as an accompanist for Chunky Move (contemporary dance) in Melbourne and for the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts contemporary dance department.

In 2015, he began working in the studio more. Recording for many different artists of many different styles. His fascination with world music and percussion has made him a versatile and useful addition to theme songs, advertisements, albums and tracks.

Leonard spent 2019 in Berlin. Playing with various artists from all over the world. It was here that Leonard began to take his composition work seriously. Spending a lot of time collaborating with other musicians and writing music of his own.

Leonard is currently based in Melbourne again, for the foreseeable future.

Performance highlights include:

Meg Mac: Festivals, Australian tours and radio performance. 2013-2015

Melody Pool: Festivals and Victorian shows 2016-2017

Greeves: 2 Albums, countless shows throughout Australia. 2011-2018

Recording highlights include:

Metal Gear Solid V - Snake Eater (Trip Hop Remix)

Absent Hearts - August Earth

Greeves - Crown of Brass

The Rising of the Shield of the Hero - Theme Song